Individual Mentoring

If you are seeking advice developing a photographic vision and coming up with long term projects as a vehicle to express that vision and your personal voice, Dominic offers one-on-one mentoring.

On a weekly basis, you will submit images by email for critique. Dominic will respond with in-depth comments and constructive criticism, in terms of composition, light, structure and moment as well as discussing how each photograph fits within your overall vision.

In addition, Dominic will speak with you by phone once per month to ensure momentum. Anyone interested in "making" photographs instead of "taking" them, will definitely benefit from this mentoring experience.

For the serious student, a commitment of 6 months is requested, at a flat fee of $2000. Alternatively, individual 4 hour critique sessions may be purchased for $500, during which Dominic will work with you in person to critique several bodies of work.

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